Lone Star Objective Belle E925

Dam of SA David Harris 138

While Margret, Rodney, Pearl and I were refueling on barley and beef in Hot Springs shortly after Emily was born, I asked Rodney if he would sell Emily her first heifer.
My only specified criteria was that he select one that represents where he felt the seedstock industry would be in ten years, Rodney said he would be honored.
In typical fashion, Rodney called about a year later and said he had selected three to choose from.  The set presented for us appeared to have been cloned, however I was able to regain my composure and make a difficult choice.  E925 had the longest hip and deepest body of the three flush sisters, but they were all pretty much textbook examples of uniformity.  Emily calls 925 Olivia and can pick her out of the pasture from 500 yards, but so can everyone else.  925’s first natural calf is housed at Champion Genetics after a busy fall with the heifers, semen available.  Look for full siblings out of her by Upshot, 307R and 5050.  Investment like what was required to develop this type of cattle, humbles us greatly.

Thank You to Rodney and Margaret for all they shared my family.

Reg: AAA +16659738    Cow

Birth Date: 02/06/2009 Freeze Brand: E925
Parentage: SNP
Genomic: IG384
340918 –  Lone Star Angus, Gainesville TX
1137422 – Silvey Angus Ranch LLC, Wolfe City TX
D H D Traveler 6807 AAA #10858958
S S Traveler 6807 T510 AAA #12502030
S S Miss Hi Spade A114 AAA #11665432
S S Objective T510 0T26 AAA #13776378
S S Rito Rito R76 R011 AAA 11494687
S S Miss Rita R011 7R8 AAA 12958951
S S Miss Ultress U56 AAA 12490161
G A R Precision 1680 AAA #11520398
Twin Valley Precision E161 AAA #12346200 [RDF]
W C C Blackcap C9 AAA +11911768 [RDC]
Lonre Star E161 Belle E506 AAA +15251565
B/R New Design 036 AAA #11418151
Lone Star 036 Belle E314 AAA +14928123
Lone Star Belle EXT E021 AAA +13657157
# Pathfinder + Embryo Transplant