SA David Harris 138 – Reg: AAA 17653442
  • Who is David Harris?

    Registered Angus Bull SA David Harris - Herd Sire
  • SA David Harris 138 - 2015

    Registered Angus Bull SA David Harris - Herd Sire
  • SA David Harris 138 - 2014

    Silvey Angus - SA David Harris 138

There are five DDF sons of GAR New Design 5050 in major studs and numerically, 138 stands toe to toe with them all. Study of his 50K enhanced EPD profile shows 16 traits ranking in the top 5% or higher, and four or more top 15% of non-parent bulls. He is attractively designed, wide made, stout featured, slick haired and a true gentleman to be around. His grandam has recorded ultrasound information on 71 progeny, ratioing 104 for IMF and 103 for REA. E925, a full sib to Lonestar Advantage, posted higher BW to YW performance EPDs than most Angus herd sires. This gorgeous young dam posts weaning and yearling ratios of 108 each, and has that great productive Angus cow look. We believe the strong, productive dams and grandams provide the backbone of all consistent, productive herd sires. SA David Harris produced excellent, flush quality semen as a yearling. His first calves are hitting the ground now, a majority out of heifers.

Who is David Harris?

The Bull’s name, a big powerful 5050 son out of the Belle family at Lone Star Angus. His Dam is a flush  daughter of the famous Lone Star Belle E506 who records 73 @ 104 Marbling and 73 @ 103 Ribeye Area.

My God father, who owned David’s Meat Market in Garland Texas for 35 years.  A man with a big heart that sired, raised and mentored too many.

So the story goes like this.  It was obvious from the beginning that 138 was by far the best bull we had raised on the place.  138 was very stylish he had good bone, handsome, gentle, easy to handle, plenty of muscle and extremely masculine.  One night I was studying on what to name him and David’s name pop into my head, so I told Mike we should call him David, Mike said “David?”, I said David Harris… The name stuck!  You know they kind of look alike…wide based, stout, big boned, gently, intelligent and oh so good looking.

Registered Angus pedigree for SA David Harris

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