Silvey Upward 203
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Breeding and EDP Percentiles

Birth Date: 10/08/2014 Freeze Brand: 203
1137422 –  Silvey Angus Ranch LLC, Wolfe City TX
1137422 – Silvey Angus Ranch LLC, Wolfe City TX
Connealy Lead On AAA #13447282 [M1F]
Connealy Onward AAA #14216491 [M1F]
Altune of Conanga 6104 AAA 13169198
Sitz Upward 307R AAA #14963730 [M1F]
Sitz Value 7097 AAA #12755998 [M1F]
Sitz Henrietta Pride 81M AAA 14087650
Sitz Henrietta Pride 1370 AAA 13576315
Baldridge Kaboom K243 KCF AAA #13987017
Connealy Thunder AAA #15148659 [RDF-M1F]
Parka of Conanga 241 AAA #13948273
Silvey Beauty 3T44 AAA 16676821
Clark Classic Exact Rito2152 AAA +14389356
Silvey Beauty 3T31 AAA 15468083
Clarks Beauty 5930 AAA 13773587