Big Stout Coming 2 Year Old Angus Bulls Ready for Service!

Sire Groups include: V A R Power Play, Myers Fair-N-Square, Connealy Emerald, E&B Plus One and VDAR Lone Peak

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Sitz Resilient 10208 Sons – SOLD!

Semen Available thru ORIgen

ORIgen – breeder to breeder genetics services – in Huntley Montana, has SA David Harris semen available for purchase.

You will not go wrong on buying an Angus bull from Silvey Angus Ranch. We have bought 2 bulls from them that are on our Tiger Stripe cattle and will say some of the best calves we have ever had out of their bulls. Been to many Angus Farms on looking at bulls and Silvey Angus are hands down the best. They take the time to show you everything they have and answer any questions you may ask them. They are doing it the right way unlike a lot and will say they will have our business on any time we need any more bulls.

Hey Mrs. Silvey this is Kevin Deleu. 198 had her beautiful Journey heifer the other day. We couldn’t be happier with 198, so sweet and easy keeping. I’m super excited about her future with us.

Mrs. Silvey, This is the most delicious beef I have ever ate.  You were not kidding. Every time we cook a meal including this angus beef, I get positive responses from all of my family and friends. Thank you.