Our Donors

Registered Angus Cow Donors at Silvey Angus Ranch

The strength of any herd lies in the genetics of the cow families. 

Our registered Angus cow donors are vital to our cattle breeding program. We have applied rigid culling and selection measures to identify cows that raise the big calves, breed back on time and look great doing it. Check out some of our cow families that are working with us at the Ranch 24/7 rain or shine.

Lone Star Objective Belle E925

Reg: AAA +16659738 Cow

Born: 02/06/2009

For latest EDP Percentiles and full pedigree information, click to see the American Angus Association profile.

Dam of SA David Harris 138

While Margret, Rodney, Pearl and I were refueling on barley and beef in Hot Springs shortly after Emily was born, I asked Rodney if he would sell Emily her first heifer.  My only specified criteria was that he select one that represents where he felt the seedstock industry would be in ten years, Rodney said he would be honored.  In typical fashion, Rodney called about a year later and said he had selected three to choose from.  The set presented for us appeared to have been cloned, however I was able to regain my composure and make a difficult choice.  E925 had the longest hip and deepest body of the three flush sisters, but they were all pretty much textbook examples of uniformity.  Emily calls 925 Olivia and can pick her out of the pasture from 500 yards, but so can everyone else.  925’s first natural calf, David Harris 138 is busy around the ranch entertaining his herd of heifers and has semen available at Champion Genetics.  Look for full siblings out of her by Upshot, 307R and 5050.  Investment like what was required to develop this type of cattle, humbles us greatly.

Thank You to Rodney and Margaret for all they shared my family.

Lone Star Object Belle L043

Silvey Angus Registered Angus Cow

Reg: AAA +17673427 Cow

Birth Date: 03/30/2010 Freeze Brand: L043
Parentage: SNP Genomic: PF50 Genomic Prog: 11

For latest EDP Percentiles and full pedigree information, click to see the American Angus Association profile.

We are lucky to have the leadoff donor sold at the “2014 Lone Star Angus Sale” in production at Silvey Angus. L043 is a daughter of the maternal and growth matriarch Lone Star Objective Belle E506. L043 is a very feminine and softer muscled example of the outstanding Objective by E506 cross, bred by Rodney Howell, in donor pens across the country.


L043 transmits a more moderate frame size, has perfect confirmation and a perfect udder. L043 currently records 16 calves @ 101 IMF ratio, 116 @ 101 Rib-eye ratio and 16 @ 96 Fat ratio. L043’s performance data ranks her in the top 10% of registered Angus females for weaning weight, top 4% for yearling weight, top 4% marbling and top 20% for Rib-eye ratio. This proven donor provides maternal, growth and carcass qualities in one package.


We currently have four L043 daughters in production at the ranch. Greg Dennis of G-C Cattle Company in Giddings, TX has one daughter. Lone Star has retained three daughters in production in their herd. Raspotnick Ranch in Hartsorne, OK has a 307R daughter in production as well. We will be selling 3 flush brothers sired by Connealy Black Granite, born spring of 2015. We are also expecting six L043 by RB Tour of Duty 177 calves in October.

L043 is a herd builder….. call us! We have daughters for sale.

Silvey Blackbird 3T75

Registered Angus Cow and calf

Reg: AAA 17049775 Cow

Born: 02/25/2011

For latest EDP Percentiles and full pedigree information, click to see the American Angus Association profile.

Silvey Blackbird 3T75 represents what I believe a donor cow should look like. This very feminine representative of our Blackbird cow family is an X Factor daughter out a Precision 1023 cow. Gentlemen we are talking serious cow power in this pedigree. We have been successful with Connealy Concensus 7229 bred to the beautiful Donor.