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Silvey Angus is a family owned and operated Texas Registered Angus Cattle Breeder located in Wolfe City, Texas.  We started our program with ten Registered Angus Cows hand-picked by Bill Clark himself at Clark Angus Ranch in Crockett, Texas.  The influence of these ten registered Angus cows is evident throughout the pedigrees in our Angus cattle herd today.  In addition to the cattle breeding program we have developed here, we have continued to add outside genetics from outstanding , proven Angus cattle breeding programs.

Today our Angus breeding program consists of over 100 registered Angus cows that are Artificially Inseminated (AI) or used as Embryo Transfer (ET) recipients.  We place emphasis on the strong maternal traits inherent in the Angus Cow.  We believe that seedstock must be reliable, fertile, predictable and sustainable to qualify as Registered Angus Cattle.

Next time you are in the market for a Registered Angus herd bull or would like to put together a set of nice Registered Angus cows, keep us in mind.

Donor working here at Silvey Angus – Lone Star Object Belle L043 Reg 17673427

L043 was the lead off Donor in the 2014 Lone Star Angus  Production Sale in Gainesville, Texas.  L043 currently has sixteen registered progeny that ratio 16@102 IMF and 16 @ 101 Ribeye.  The full siblings pictured in this video were sired by Connealy Black Granite #17028963.  Our experience with the Black Granite show early muscle expression, wide bases, jet black short hair and excellent dispositions.  This is how your Angus embryo transfer can produce  bulls commercial cattlemen will appreciate and will positively impact their program.  We are fortunate to have such wonderful Angus cattle to work with

Who is David Harris?

The Bull’s name, a big powerful 5050 son out of the Belle family at Lone Star Angus. His Dam is a flush  daughter of the famous Lone Star Belle E506 who records 73 @ 104 Marbling and 73 @ 103 Ribeye Area.

My Godfather, who owned David’s Meat Market in Garland Texas for 35 years.  A man with a big heart that sired, raised and mentored too many.

How did the bull and my Godfather get paired with the same name? Well, the story goes like this.  It was obvious from the beginning that 138 was by far the best bull we had raised on the place.  138 was very stylish. He had good bone, handsome, gentle, easy to handle, plenty of muscle and extremely masculine.  One night as I was studying what to name him, David’s name popped into my head.  I told Mike, “We should call him David!”. Mike said “David?”, and I said “Yeah, David Harris!”. The name stuck!

You know they kind of look alike. Wide based, stout, big boned, gentle, intelligent and oh so good looking.

Take a Look at these beauties

Silvey Resilient 633 DOB: 2/17/21 REG: 20157525
Silvey Resilient 628 Reg #21057513 Coming 2 year
Silvey Monumental 647 Angus Bull
Silvey Blackbird 462
Silvey Conv Belle 451
Silvey ObjectiveBelle 455