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Nobody has ever called here looking for a “wild, snot slinging, bug eyed bull”.

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We never had a call for “the bull that won the feeding contest” either. All calves born here are weighed and handled the day they are born, see humans fairly regularly, and are handled with respect. Bulls are weighed at 205 days, to evaluate how their Mommas raised them, then weaned. We feed the bulls conservatively for about 90 days before carcass ultrasound evaluation as a yearling. We love customer calls reporting consistent calf crops that look exceptional and grow. Check with us for your next herd bull, he is at least half of the equation.

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A Great Herd Begins with a Great Sire – Registered angus Bulls for sale

Silvey Rangeland

Birth Date: 09/28/22

Bull: *20642136

Silvey Man In Black

Birth Date: 10/28/22

Bull: *20647094

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Silvey Exclusive 704


Silvey Emerald 681


Silvey Power Play 687

Sold in Leonard, Texas

Silvey Resilient 628

bull 636

Sold in Eagle Pass, Texas

Silvey Resilient 636

Sold in Ryan, Oklahoma

Silvey Resilient 631

Sold in Ryan, Oklahoma

Silvey Resilient 633