Pearl and Mike Silvey

Montana Angus Tour Day 1

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We arrived in Billings, MT yesterday, met up with our good friends Rodney and Margret Howell of Lone Star Angus, also from Texas, we all loaded up on a bus and headed to Midland Bull Test. We ate a great lunch, looked at cattle on display by Basin Angus, Winding River Angus, and many others.  Thank you McDoonnell family for hosting this tour stop.

Our next stop was Genex Hawkeye West, a bull stud facility, where we’re able to check out Bulls Genex is selling semen on.  If you ever have the opportunity to see the Bulls in person, take advantage of it.

In the evening we attended the Montana Angus Association’s annual banquet.  We had a great prime rib dinner and made some new friends. Time for bed came early, we start at 6:30 in morning for our next full day,  seeing Angus ranches and Montana countryside.

Icemaggedon 2013

Day 4 of ice storm survival and still no power! But… The show must go on. A week ago I synchronized the heat cycle of 50 momma cows. Despite the ice storm I had to bring the cows in by 8am on Sunday & Monday to do more synchronizing so we can breed tomorrow morning. The reality hit…our semen order has NOT arrived….UPS thinks it’s in a container in Sulpher Springs…waiting for ups to call after 2am so I can go pick it up. Or I will have fifty 1600 pound irate mommas!